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Aluminum for industry

We have a warehouse with an area of more than 5,000 m2 with permanent stock, at the service of our customers.

Properties Aluminium AW5083 Rectified

  • Description
  • Technical specifications

foto aluminio AW5083 rec

Main characteristics

Great dimensional stability during and after machining. Well suited for welding (TIG / MIG - Fill 5356). Very good corrosion resistance (welded or unwelded state). Good behaviour at low temperatures. Well suited to protective anodisation and hard anodisation.

The relevant properties of this cast and machined product on both sides are a low level of internal stresses limiting the risk of deformations during machining, combined with good machinability properties.

The usual laminated products do not offer these same quality levels simultaneously. A good homogeneity in the structure of the product limits the risk of porosities and its mechanical properties enable a wide range of applications to be covered in different environments.

Usual use

  • Tools and control gauges.
  • Chassis and mechanical components for plates and reference supports.
  • Special machines.
  • Different plates and parts with a strong machined rate.