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Properties of PA 6 + MOS2

  • Description
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Poliamida PA


Polyamide 6 + MoS2 is a thermoplastic material whose quality and degree and crystallization have been improved. It is a polyamide loaded with molybdenum bisulfide that acts as a solid lubricant with the advantage that it absorbs less moisture than normal polyamide, giving it also very good gliding properties, with high resistance to wear and tear. Therefore, it does not need greasing and is suitable for multiple applications. It has easy machining with very good dimensional stability.

Type of product



Main characteristics

  • Good gliding properties, Resistance to wear and tear, Consistency with many oils, greases, gasoil, petrol... Compact, hard., Good electrical isolator, Very good machining, Weldable and adhesive material.

Usual use

  • Gliding plates, Parts for different machinery, Facets for bearings, Groove sheaves, Access pulley, Protectors and buffers, Bearings, Gears, Mould release apparatus, Chain activated wheels