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Properties of PTFE + 25% Fiberglass

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Linear chain polymer with great molecular length. It has a structure formed by long chains of fluor saturated carbons which gives it a series of chemical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties that enable it to meet the industry's strict requirements. In this case, we have fiberglass loaded PTFE. It has high chemical resistance, except to alkalines and hydrofluoric acid, and with high resistance to wear and tear and friction.

Type of product



Main characteristics

  • Improves resistance to compression and wear and tear. Improves resistance to friction of PTFE at high and low temperatures. Excellent chemical stability, except for strong alkalines and hydrofluoric acid. It has better thermal conductivity and coefficiency of friction when combined with molybdenum bisulfide or graphite. It has excellent electrical properties.

Usual use

  • Aplicación en uso neumático, hidráulico, cojinetes, anillos para pistón, asientos para válvulas y partes mecánicas en movimiento.
  • Application in pneumatic and hydraulic use, journals, piston rings, seats for valves and moving mechanical parts. It is the most usual load for a seal when there is rotation and alternation in movements (application in pneumatic and hydraulic use, journals, piston rings, seats for valves and mechanical parts)