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Plastics for industry

We have a warehouse with an area of more than 5,000 m2 with permanent stock, at the service of our customers.

Properties of PET / ARNITE

  • Description
  • Technical specifications



PET is a terephthalate polyethylene based partially crystalline thermoplastic polyester distinguished for a notable hardness. PET offers excellent dimensional stability, even greater than that of POM, since it is practically insensitive to moist environments.

Its good behaviour with gliding combined with a low coefficient of friction and excellent resistance to wear and tear make it the ideal material for mobile parts. Resistance to hot water is low, but it has better resistance to acid than nylon and POM.

Type of product



Main characteristics

  • Manufactured without porosity, Approved for contact with food.( FDA.BfR), High dimensional stability, Low coefficient of friction, Good behaviour when gliding, Rigid, Excellent resistance to wear and tear

Usual use

  • Cog wheels, gliding parts, disks, journals, valves, precision bearings, pharmaceutical product testing equipment, food processing equipment, components for pumps and all kinds of parts submitted to high pressure and speed.