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Plastics for industry

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Properties of Polyethylene PE-1000

  • Description
  • Technical specifications


Polyethylene PE-1000, High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.

PE-1000 is a polyethylene that is used to resolve problems of friction, wear and tear and the flow material on many industries. The material has excellent gliding properties, resistance to wear and tear, high resistance to impact and excellent resistance to chemical products and has established itself in technical applications.

Type of product


Moulded by laminate compression, slanted sheets, rounded rods, profiles /td> Natural, black, green, special colours Main characteristics

Main characteristics

  • Abrasion and resistance to wear and tear, Low coefficient of friction, High impact force, High resistance to corrosion and chemical products, Self-lubricating properties, Does not absorb water, Excellent performance capacity when used at temperatures of up to -200oC, Resists high dynamic loads, Excellent resistance to stress cracks

Usual use

  • Chemical engineering, general transport technology, Chain and cam guide Food and packaging industry