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Plastics for industry

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Properties POM-H

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POM-H (Homopolymer)

Delrin is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material that is very hard and resistant and gives excellent results in its machining and with multiple applications.

Both POM-C (Copolymer) and POM-H (Homopolymer) have a similar set of properties, though the main difference between them is that the mechanical characteristics of POM-H are better than those of POM-C, and its machining is easier. However, the better resistance of POM-H is neutralised every 10ºC, with a reduction in its resistance and performance in the presence of high temperatures, warm water and alkalines.

Type of product



Main characteristics

  • Compact and rigid, Resistant to diluted acids, cleaning products and a large amount of dissolvents, Adhesive difficulties, Very good electrical insulator, It is not resistant to water hotter than 60ºC for a long time, Good machinability, Very good gliding, Viscous

Usual use

  • Mechanical engineering, vehicles, transport techniques, textile machinery, electric and electronic construction, precision engineering, process engineering, packing machinery.