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The machining plant of ACP Materials is committed to innovation.

This is why we benefit from numeric control technology and an extensive machining capacity using lathes from diameters of 3 mm, to diameters of 300 mm and a maximum length of 1000 mm. For the machining of geometric parts, we have numeric control centres with the latest technology, including complex 5-axis manufacturing.

Availability with maximum measurements of up to 1740 mm x 760 mm enables us to provide our customers with a wide range of solutions. Likewise, water cutting and our wire electrical discharge machining caácotoes enable us to assist our customers to look for and find more economic solutions that provide added value by reducing costs when it comes to machining.

We also have auxiliary machinery such as vertical drills taladros verticales, universal cutters, tapping machine, etc. which enables us to provide from unit parts to different series of parts that comprise more simple to more complex geometry.