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Plastics for industry

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Properties PA6

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Poliamida PA


It is a thermoplastic with semi-crystalline structure with high resistance to abrasion and impact. Polyamide has very good mechanical properties. Due to its low specific weight, it is usually used as a replacement material for bronze, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.

It can absorb up to 8% water (in weight) in moist conditions or submerged in water. This increases resistance to impact and resistance to vibrations, but can also produce dimensional changes.

Type of product



Main characteristics

  • High degree of water absorption, Excellent gliding properties (on POM and steel) and except (PA with PA), High mechanical resistance including at high temperatures, Complex machining, Great resistance to abrasion and impact, High degree of elasticity, Good resistance to machinery oils, carbon hydrogen, but not to acids.

Usual use

  • Wheel cogs, levers, screw conveyors, screws, friction journals, valve seats, gliding guides, gears, gas tank, pulleys, grinding wheels, etc.